OChE Competition

Concours de l’OChE
OChE Competition, 2nd Edition

The Lausanne Student Chamber Orchestra (OChE) is organizing a competition to select the future soloist, who will be performing with us during the spring 2020.

Participation criterions:

–      The competition is opened to every student registered in his 3rd year of Bachelor or in his Master. The student must also be an adherent to ADE. All instruments are entitled to participate, except the Harp.
–      The candidates suggest the piece that they want to play with our orchestra. This choice must be coherent with our headcount, and with the fact that we evolve without a conductor. This choice must be accompanied by a CV and a motivation letter, as well as a video from a previous concert (The video is not necessarily a recording of the presented piece).
–      Group participations are accepted, however a video of the whole group mut be submitted.
–      The participation is free of charge, and the winner will receive a prize of 500.-
–      By participating, the musician(s) engage himself (themselves) to participate actively to the rehearsals, which take place on tuesdays evening on the EPFL campus.
–      The first concert is May 15th, 2020. The second will take place the week before.

Our orchestra evolves without a conductor, so watch out for the piece you present.
The only forbidden fruit is Bruch’s Violin Concerto

More infos, and candidature to send to : info@oche.ch
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